3 2016 "Economy of region"
  The Post-Socialist Transformation of Central and Eastern European Countries at the Turn of the Century: Regional Development and Economic Inequality
  Methodological Tools for Assessing the Investment Attractiveness of Renewable Resources in Northern and Arctic Territories
  Comparison of the Efficiency of Budget Financing and the Social Security of a Region
  Analysis of the Approaches to the Assessment of Regional Processes of Formation of Social and Economic Security
  Assessment of the Impact of the Changes in the Situation of the World Markets on the Regional Processes
  Contributions of Tourism to the Development of Regions in Russia and Germany. Bashkortostan and Saxony
  Eurasian Economic Union and Prospects of Development of Transnational Corporations in the Frame of the Globalization
  The Impact of Imports on the Dynamics of the Regional Manufacturing Industry Development
  New Normal in Russian Economy: Regional Specificity
  Influence of the Level of the Development of Skills on Labour Potential, its Implementation and Choice of Work Position
  Evaluation of Foreign Direct Investment Contribution in the Economic Development of Sverdlovsk Region and Russia
  The Phenomenon of Multiculturalism in the Regional Strategizing
  Territorial Factors of Strategic Development of the Regions of the Far East
  Urban Agglomerations in Regional Development: Theoretical, Methodological and Applied Aspects
  Regional Resilience of the Ural Federal District in Economic Shocks and Crises: Medico-Demographic and Environmental Aspects