¹ 3 2015 "Economy of region"
  State — Region — Field — Enterprise: Framework of Economics System Stability of Russia. Part 2
  Institutional Properties of the South East European Region
  The Spatial Recourses and Limitations of the Russian Economy Modernization: the Example of the North-West Macro Region
  Development of Management Quality Assessment Methodology in the Public Sector: Problems and Contradictions
  Regional Social Infrastructure Management as the Instrument for Improving the Quality of Life
  Infrastructure Security of the Ural Regions: Assessment Technique and Diagnostic Results
  Methodological Approaches for Estimating Gross Regional Product after Taking into Account Depletion of Natural Resources, Environmental Pollution and Human Capital Aspects
  Demographic Aspects of Human Capital Development in Russia and Its Regions
  Inequality of Income Distribution and Economics Growth in the Regions of Russia in the Post-Crisis Period
  Economic poverty and inequality at regional level in Malta: focus on the situation of children
  The Reproduction Trajectories of Institutions of Social Isolation of Individual Population Groups in the Regions of Russia
  Transformation of Young People’s Attitude Toward Work in the Old Industrial Region: Ontogenetic Aspect
  Structural Development of Health Resort Staff in the Republic of Crimea
  Import Substitution in Regional Industrial Production: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
  Anti-Crisis Solutions for Regional Energy Sector