¹ 4 2014 "Economy of region"
  The Estimation Of The Regions’ Efficiency Of The Russian Federation Including The Intellectual Capital, The Characteristics Of Readiness For Innovation, Level Of Well-Being, And Quality Of Life
  Development Dynamics of the Higher Education System in Russia
  The Impact Of Regionalism On Regional Development Under The Conditions Of A Globalized Economy
  The Changing Global Economy: Roles Of The United States And The European Union In The Evolving Context
  Demographic potential of the Russia’s northern regions as a factor and condition of economic development of the Arctic
  Paradoxes Of The «Natural Resource Curse» Regional Development In The Post-Soviet Space
  The Influence Of Monetary And Non-Monetary Poverty Of Economically Active People’s Households On Job Satisfaction
  Socio-Demographic Measuring Of Relation Of Life Quality And Level Of Population Reproduction In Russia And Foreign Countries On Basis Of Rating Evaluations
  Multidimensional And Fuzzy Measures Of Poverty At Regional Level In Mozambique
  Integrated Approach To The Analysis Of The Quality Of Socio-Economic Regional Development Governance
  The Problems Of Providing Innovative Security In Russia
  Organization A Comprehensive System Of Insurance Coverage In The Potential Chemical And Biological Contamination Zone In Regions
  Modified Estimates Of Human Potential In The Regions Of Russian Federation Taking Into Consideration The Risks Of Health Losses And Social Tensions
  Replacement Of Reserves Zinc Producers In The Russian Federation Based On The Recycling Of Technogenic Raw Materials
  Methodical Approaches To Analysis And Forecasting Of Development Fuel And Energy Complex And Gas Industry In The Region