Journal 2016#3

Forecasting of the industrial power consumption in the conditions of volatility price signals

Article is devoted to problems of purchase of the electric power in the wholesale market for the industry of Russia. Authors considered the mechanism of pricing and various combinations between the prices of the market for days forward and the prices of the balancing market. Favorable and adverse ratios between the prices of the balancing market and submitted plans for power consumption are revealed. The urgency of forecasting of the industrial power consumption, allowing providing a sustainable development not only power supply systems and the power companies, but also region economy as a whole is proved. Recommendations about improvement of forecasting of the power consumption, based on the account not only the factors defining requirement for the electric power, but also factors considering tendencies of the balancing market are offered. As methods of forecasting sharing of methods of the regression analysis and method of expert evaluations is offered. Results of research will allow to increase accuracy of forecasting and to reduce financial losses not only at level of the concrete enterprises, but also at region level as a whole.