Arhive: #3 2014

Institutionalization problems in power industry



Abstract References

The relevance of the topic is related to the recognition of the position that the full use of the institutional capacity and decrease of institutional constraints in the development of individual sectors of the economy leads to stabilization of the development of the entire national economy. Neglecting the institutions of economic branches negatively affect the trend of sustainable development of society. This work is devoted to the problems of institutional changes in the electricity sector. The subject concerns millions of households. Development of theoretical and methodological basis for the study of institutional relations of economy and energy will significantly influence the creation of the original effective energy strategy. Currently, imperfect institutional relations in the sphere of energy services reduce the efficiency of the driven activities. It is known that the problematic aspects of the institutional environment keeping costs and externalities in pricing policies, the formation of the institutional environment saving, determination of the behavior of economic agents and the electricity market, etc. require permits. In general, scientific and practical significance of the study is large. The results of research of the institutional structure research of correlation between power engineering and economics based on agency approach will promote deepening of the theory of institutionalism at the sectoral economics level.