Ļ 1 2020 "Economy of region"
  Modelling the Assessment of the Impact of Industry Factors on the Level of the Territoriesí Socio-Economic Development and Economic Security
  Systematisation of Approaches to Assessing the Development of Smart Cities
  Innovative Path of the Regional Economyís Departure from the Previous Path-Dependent Development Trajectory
  Diagnostics of Environmental and Social Threats to the Territoryís Development
  Measuring CIS Health Systems Using the Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA)
  Trends in Industrial Specialization and Development Dynamics in the Russian Regions
  Assessment of Populationís Adaptation to the Changing Living Conditions in Terms of Convergence of the Regional Settlement Systems
  Problems of Wage Regulation in the Russian Far North and Similar Localities
  The Impact of HIV Infection on the Populationís Quality of Life in Regions
  Methodological Tools for Assessing the Regionís Tourist and Recreation Potential
  Market of Organic Products in Regions: Distribution Channels and Development Strategy
  Entepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intention: the Case of Portugal
  Regional Aspects of Price-Dependent Management of Expenditures on Electric Power
  Applying the Cobb-Douglas Production Function for Analysing the Regionís Industry
  Model of Federal-Regional Relations in Governance of Higher Education in the Russian Federation
  Assessment of Competitiveness of Regional Mining and Metallurgical Clusters
  Influence of Cross-Industry Information Innovations of the Space Industry on the Economic Growth of the Russian Regions
  The Change of Foreign Trade Structure of African Countries in the Context of Increasing Regionalization in the World Economy
  Innovation Collaborations of Firms: the Case of Hungarian Multinational Companies
  Assessment of Spatial Effects from Innovation Activities in the Industrialized Russian Regions
  Implementation of Digital Technologies in Financial Management
  The Role of Monetary Policy in Comparative Advantage and Trade Balance of Capital Intensive Industry in Indonesia
  Econometric Modelling of a Regionís Potential to Attract Foreign Direct Investments
  Inter-Regional Inflation Differential as a Consequence of Heterogeneity of the Russian Economic Space