Arhive: #3 2014

Development of effective model of management by heatsupplying complex of a region



Abstract References

In the article, key problems of regional systems of a heat supply connected with the inefficient organization and regulation of activity of the local heat power companies are considered. Shortcomings of the scheme of the organization of management by heat supplying complex on the basis of the municipal unitary enterprises are described. The main models of interaction of municipalities and private operators within various forms of the private and state partnership are analyzed. Experience of penetration of foreign private operator on the Russian market of thermal energy is studied. On the basis of the conducted research recommendations about the organization of management and operation of heat supplying infrastructure of the region, on the basis of the long-term contractual relations of the large companies operators and bodies of municipal authority on the terms of joint financing and division of risks are offered. The conclusion was drawn on expediency of implementation of these offers on the basis of the concession agreements covering some municipalities of the region that will allow to lower commercial and administrative expenses at the expense of a scale effect, to increase economic profitability and investment appeal of heat power sector of the region economy.