Arhive: #3 2014

Factor analysis of the relationship «consumption-saving» in the Ural federal district



Abstract References

In the terms of investment resources shortage in the modern Russian economy, the special practical importance is gained the issues of socio-economic nature analysis of the population savings as one of the major sources of internal investments and an influence assessment of external and internal factors on the processes of accumulation and consumption funds created by the population. The article analyzes influence of environment factors on the interrelation mechanism “consumption-savings” on the example of Ural federal district during 2001–2012. The considerable attention is paid to the analysis of influence of an inflationary component in the economy of the region and interest rate for deposits on dynamics of savings norm of the population, which acts as an indicator of the standard of living and a source of accumulation of investment potential of the population. The authors conclude that the factors having impact on redistribution of the monetary income of the population on consumption and savings in favor of savings depend not only on socioeconomic development of society, inflationary expectations of the population, but also on conditions of accumulation of savings of the population by the banking sphere.