Arhive: #3 2014

Development trends of the Russian regions.



Abstract References

The article presents the results of the research of development trends of the Russian Federation subjects for 2000-2012. The analysis is based on the methodology, developed in the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The basis of the analysis was set not with formal estimation of the situation in the regions, but via the characteristic of the situation, developing within their borders from the position of potential investors and the provision of qualified specialists. The research has been undertaken within three years. The research made it possible to define 4 groups of the Russian Federation subjects, which within 12 years steadily include subgroups of regions with ascending, descending trends, and regions without the certain trend of the situation changes. It proves the necessity to distinguish the development of regional economy and process their growth. The second conclusion is the limited meaning of the rating estimations, not allowing to make definite management decisions. The third conclusion is the necessity of perfection of the state regional policy on the basis of typification of the Russian Federation subjects, basing not only on the levels of their socio-economic development, but as well on the exciting factors of this development.